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Interview mit Chi Elvis Ngenevu

Mir geht es gut, jetzt habe ich nur noch eine Woche hier und nur noch zwei Tage in Buea. Das ist ein komisches Gefßhl. Ich werde das Interview später ßbersetze. Aber gerade habe ich keine Zeit dafßr.

Interview mit Chi Elvis Ngenevu
How do you imagine Europe/Germany to be?

I don’t want to talk about Europe as a whole, but I would like to capitalize on Germany. I imagine Germany to be very fruitful and promising in terms of facilitating the standard of living, in terms of boosting one’s personal economy. With its great potential in the educational sector one can be able to have a quality education. I think it’s the place where I would like to be. There is only one obstacle which is the language. Nevertheless it’s the best country in Europe, for me, since it provides diversity in culture. If there is anyone wishing to go to Europe, I would recommend Germany.

Are you happy with your life in Cameroon?

No, because being as educated as I am I still depend on my parents for money and for food. Where I worked I was not even well paid. What happens in Cameroon nowadays, people don’t do what they are trained for. You see people with degrees selling in the market or running call boxes which for me are unskilled labour, this is because the economy and the government is a disaster. So you see, if you don’t have somebody in the government to position you, then you’re wasted. That’s why they scramble for Europe. To most youths it’s the ultimate gateway to materialize their dreams because they think that there are large opportunities.

Which job do you want to do later?

Based on my studies in the university I intent to be a translator and based on my talents I would like to be an actor in the great world of cinematography.

How many brothers and sisters do you have?

Well, in the African context brothers and sisters don’t really mean people who have the same biological parents. But if I have to limit myself to my biological siblings, then I have two younger brothers, a younger sister and an older step sister.

Have you travelled out of Cameroon?

No, but I intent to do that soon.

What would be your message to Germans?

I would like to thank the German government for creating a program that allows their citizens to come to Cameroon to help the less privileged ones, as they act as volunteers. They’re doing a quite remarkable job. I wish that many other developed countries should copy this. And lastly I would like to propose that there should be an exchange program created where upon Cameroonians will have the privilege or the opportunity to also travel in the developed countries and do a volunteering service. This will help them interact and learn more from the developed world where upon they come back home they can use what they’ve learned to make Cameroon a better place to be than what it is today.

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